Speaker Series: Tracking In The Open with Arvind Narayanan

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Since Q1 2015, the percentage of people using ad blockers on the web rose nine percentage points, from 27% to 36% per the Global Web Index.The research points to two major motivations for using ad blockers: user experience e.g. cluttered pages, longer page load times, workflow interruptions; and privacy e.g. intrusiveness and unwanted personalization based on browsing history.

Both Apple and Google have announced plans to address some of these ad problems, and of course, Mozilla has already implemented an optional Tracking Protection feature. But are these solutions best adopt our content blocking principles of transparency & control, content neutrality and openness? In short, are these the the right solutions for users, or can we do better?

It's highly unlikely Mozilla will solve this alone. On May 23, Arvind Narayanan of Princeton will share what Firefox (and other browser makers) can do to protect users from risky data collection practices on the web in ways that align with Mozilla's values, facilitate responsible advertising, and increase user trust in the web.

Specifically, Arvind will draw from his Web Census research,a measurement & analysis of one million websites and the largest and most detailed measurement of online tracking so far. Arvind will discuss ideas for how Firefox can move forward with content blocking while minimizing breakage of websites. Steve Englehardt, the lead Ph.D. student behind the Web Census research, and a new Mozillian, will be present; Arvind and Steve will answer questions during the Q&A section.

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Location: Mountain View Commons
Duration: 58 minutes
Channels: Main, Mozilla's Monthly Speaker Series

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